Consulting Services offered by BiStro Biotech Consulting LLC

BiStro Biotech Consulting LLC is a new consulting company initiated in August 2016 by Bill Strohl, a widely recognized industry expert with years of experience in antibody engineering, biologics discovery and early development, protein engineering and expression, and natural products biosynthesis.  In the first year of its existence, BiStro Biotech Consulting LLC has contracted with over a dozen clients, helping various biotechnology companies and academic institutions in some of the following ways:

Examples of relationships include:

  • Consulting with biotechnology companies to help them with their biologics engineering, target selection, organization, program reviews, integration of discovery and early development, and similar topics in which my years of experience can be useful

  • Consulting with universities and academic organizations to help bring novel pharmaceutical biologics molecules or constructs to a stage where they may be interesting for the biopharmaceutical industry, program evaluations and reviews, biologics discovery and engineering

  • Assist biotechnology companies in promoting their programs to pharma or biopharma companies

  • Working with biotechnology companies on biosimilar and/or biobetter strategies and molecules

  • Participation on Scientific Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors for biotechnology companies, as well as academic or industrial organizations

  • Working with legal departments at biotechnology companies to assist in solidifying important patent positions

  • Generation and/or editing of technical reports, reviews, or documents to further the efforts of biotechnology companies and organizations


Examples of previous documents and activities to support these roles:


1.      Book written (while working as VP of Antibody Discovery at Janssen R&D):

  • Strohl, W.R., and L. M. Strohl.  2012. Therapeutic Antibody Engineering:  Current and Future Advances Driving
     Strongest Growth Area in the Pharma Industry.  Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomedicine No. 11
         (Cambridge), 656 pp.  ISBN 9781907568374.  Published October22, 2012.


2.     Books and Issues of Journals Organized and Edited:

  • Strohl, W.R., and O.H. Tuovinen.  (Editors).  1984.  Microbial Chemoautotrophy. The Ohio State University
         press, Columbus, OH.  351 pp.  ISBN # 0-8142-0342-6.

  • Strohl, W.R.  (Editor)  1997.  Biotechnology of Antibiotics, Second Edition. Marcel-Dekker, Inc., New
         York.  842 pp.  ISBN # 0-8247-9867-8

  • Strohl, W.R.  Special Guest Editor, Metabolic Engineering (Jan. 2001 issue)

  • Strohl, W.R.  Special Guest Co-Editor: Current Opinion in Microbiology “Antimicrobials”
         (October, 2001 issue) 

  • Strohl, W.R.  Special Guest Co-Editor:  Current Opinion in Biotechnology (December, 2009 issue)

  • Strohl, W.R.  Special Guest Editor:  Current Drug Discovery Today (January 2014 issue)


3.     Previous Awards, Recognitions and Board Seats in Biotechnology:

  • 2017:  Scientific Advisory Board Member, Achaogen

  • 2015:  Named by PharmaVoice to be in top 100 influencers in Pharma, in the “Research and
               Development” category

  • 2014-2016:  Member, Board of Directors, Covagen

  • 2013-2016:  Member, Scientific Advisory Board, MRSAb (Biotechnology “spin-in” company in Janssen

  • 2013:  Named by Terrapin as the 25th most influential person worldwide in the field of Monoclonal

  • 2012-2013:  Member, Board of Directors, Penn State Biotechnology Program