As part of his effort to increase awareness and education within the biotechnology industry, Bill Strohl will be involved in teaching short courses and training courses at various conferences and is in the process of working with a Cambridge Health Institute to design and implement a course entitled: “Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Discovery – From Antibody Engineering to Gene Therapy” (TS5B; http://www.bioprocessingsummit.com/bpd/training-seminars/).

Recent presentations:

During his career in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, Bill Strohl has given more 120 invited presentations at conferences, companies and universities, many of them keynote or plenary lectures. Examples of a few of the more recent presentations are provided below.  Slides in the form of pdf files are available for each of these presentations.

“Fusion Protein Strategies for Generation of Biobetters,” Conference-opening Keynote.  Peptalk  Recombinant Protein Therapeutics, Jan 9-12, 2017, San Diego.

“Bispecific Antibodies Finally Come of Age.”  Plenary Lecture, BIT’s 8th Annual Int’l. Congress of Antibodies 2016, Dalian, China, April 25, 2016.

“Protease-Resistant Antibodies and their potential uses as Therapeutic Agents.”  BIT’s 8th Annual Int’l. Congress of Antibodies 2016, Dalian, China, April 26, 2016

“Employing the CRISPR-Cas System for Pharmaceutical Innovation.”  From Bacterial Immunity to Genome Editing: The 2014 Dr. Paul Janssen Award Symposium.  Sept. 11, 2014, New York City.

 “Biology First! Putting Therapeutic Antibody Engineering into the Context of Past, Present and Future Developments.”  Keynote Presentation  8th Antibody Engineering & Discovery meeting, Boston. July 25, 2013. 

“Targets for Biologics – Choice Of Targets And Biological Approach”.  14th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit.  Geneva, June 11, 2013.  Stream Keynote Presentation

“Ideas for Novel Targets and Target Pairs for Bispecific Antibody Approaches.  PEGS, Engineering Bispecific Antibodies.  May 2, 2013.  Keynote Presentation

“The Challenge of Discovering and Developing Biobetters – They Had Better be Better!” Visiongain Biosimilars Conference, Boston, April 17, 2013.