The Art of Biotechnology

Bill Strohl is married to Lila Strohl, a certified Medical Illustrator who has been doing medically related artwork for over 35 years.  Lila has done artwork for multiple books, pamphlets, and law cases, and her artwork is featured in the book:  Therapeutic Antibody Engineering:  Current and Future Advances Driving the Strongest Growth Area in the Pharma Industry.  Strohl, W.R., and L. M. Strohl.  2012.  Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomedicine No. 11 (Cambridge), 656 pp.  ISBN 9781907568374.  Published October22, 2012.  Additionally, this website uses many of Lila’s artworks as background and highlight art.

This unique team of a biomedical illustrator and a scientist, both with over 35 years of experience working in science, will create completely novel artwork that can only be done by the collaboration of their expertise. 

The “Art of Biotechnology”, a collaboration between Lila Strohl (BS Allied Medicine, CMI) and Bill Strohl, will feature beautiful artwork depicting the molecular interactions that occur in biotechnology.  The first book in what is planned and projected to be a long series is entitled: “The Art of Immunology”.  This book, currently in progress, depicts the interactions of proteins involved in the immune system with their targets or other proteins in an artful and colorful manner.  Examples include the binding of complement component C1q to antibodies, binding of antibodies to receptors, including CD20 and EGFR, a landscape view of the highly complex T cell receptor, and binding of immune-related ligands to their cognate receptors.  The artwork will be drawn based on structural information available at the Protein Data Base, and while liberties will be taken on scaling, the biology represented will be accurate.  Bill will provide a high-level description of the biology depicted in Lila’s beautiful artwork.

High quality prints and posters of various sizes will be available for every drawing.  The artwork will be highly colorful and detailed, making it suitable for offices, lobbies, and hallways of scientific institutions, and will even make nice artwork for home offices, doctor’s office waiting rooms, and similar environments.

Additionally, Lila, in collaboration with Bill’s scientific expertise, is willing to do project-specific artwork on commission for the biopharma industry, biotechnology companies, universities, and other institutions.  Examples of this might include highly artistic and colorful brochures depicting the mechanisms of action for new drugs, or depictions of newly discovered novel biological functions.

A link to Lila’s site, which is now up for viewing!  Please visit Lila's website at the URL below: