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Welcome to the official website for BiStro Biotech Consulting LLC, a new consulting company initiated at the end of August 2016 by Bill Strohl, a widely-recognized industry expert with years of experience in antibody engineering, biologics discovery and early development, protein engineering and expression, and natural products biosynthesis.   Bill is available to help organizations in a myriad of ways, including target identification and validation, approaches to antibody discovery, antibody engineering, Fc engineering, biologics discovery and early development, and organization of biologics discovery and early development efforts.  With years of experience in biotechnology deal-making, Bill also can assist with identifying and assessing novel technologies for in-licensing.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The scientific area of “Pharmaceutical Biotechnology” encompasses many aspects of the pharmaceutical and biotechnologies industries.  This topic is defined here to include all aspects of protein therapeutics, gene therapeutics, cell therapeutics, and therapeutic natural products.  The commonality shared by all of these is the use of living systems to produce or manufacture either the final product, or to generate precursors that are ultimately modified to constitute final drug products. 

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